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10th January 2022
What is Computer Assisted Diagnosis? PathLAKE launches new animated video for patients and the public

PathLAKE is excited to launch a new video for patients and the public giving a brief introduction to computer assisted diagnosis.

With the help of animations, Dr John Guelke (an ethics researcher in Prof Tom Sorell™s group at the University of Warwick) explains what whole slide images of tissue are, and how the patterns found on whole slide images may indicate diseases, such as cancer.

Professor Tom Sorell, head of the Interdisciplinary Ethics Research Group at the University of Warwick and ethics lead for PathLAKE, said:

This video is intended to give patients and the general public an understandable brief introduction to computer assisted diagnostics. Patients were heavily consulted before the video was made, so it reflects their views.

Among other things, the video shows that the patterns on which diagnoses are based use annotations of whole slide images by expert human pathologists. Patients who think machine diagnosis is independent of expert human judgement should be reassured.

Another issue taken up by the video is the protection of patient identities associated with tissue samples captured by Whole Slide Images. This is another source of reassurance.

The video is on the PathLAKE YouTube channel. Subtitles are available in English, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu using the closed caption (CC) settings on the video toolbar.


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