About PathLAKE

PathLAKE will deliver high-impact exemplar projects reflecting today’s demand for AI-driven diagnostics to increase efficiency in pathology reporting and improve patient outcomes through advanced diagnostics and selection of patients for personalised medicine.

The PathLAKE® consortium comprises some of the nation’s leading digital and computational innovators from NHS and academia. Through the digitisation of five major NHS laboratories and the formation of a computational pathology hub, it will drive AI innovation in pathology for the UK and create the world’s largest depository of annotated digital whole slide images. PathLAKE will ensure that the UK is in prime position to leverage the full value of NHS pathology data to drive economic growth in health related AI.

PathLAKE will play a leading role in the development, validation and implementation of AI in cellular pathology. It will be an invaluable resource for researchers and UK industry, enabling a step change in the understanding of disease and the provision of patient healthcare.

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