The University of Warwick

The Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) lab at the University of Warwick is recognised as a leading research lab in the area of computational pathology. Members of the lab work closely with the histopathology department at UHCW NHS Trust and several trusts in the country and hospitals worldwide. Current research in the lab is focussed on the application of image analysis and machine learning algorithms in order to further our understanding of the biology and pathology of diseases such as cancer from information-rich multi-gigapixel digitised pathology images, with applications to computer-assisted diagnosis, grading and prognosis of cancer. The lab has received funding from national and international funding agencies such as MRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, Royal Society, QNRF and EC, as well as from the industry (e.g., GE Healthcare, Intel and Philips).

The TIA lab will contribute to the development of a trailblazing PathLAKE centre of excellence for artificial intelligence (AI) in pathology by leading the computational arm of PathLAKE that will develop the consortium data lake, coupled with the consortium analytics engine, and the AI tools for early diagnosis and personalised medicine. The Warwick team has strong expertise in computational pathology (Rajpoot, Raza), big data management (Ferhatosmanoglu), medical image analysis (Bhalerao), high performance computing (Jarvis), scalable data analytics (Triantafillou), human factors in health informatics (Procter) and ethics in AI (Sorell). The lab will also contribute to the planning and running of Masterclasses on data science for pathology aimed at computer scientists and pathologists alike.

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