Dr Jackie James

Dr Jackie James is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast. She trained as an oral, head and neck/ENT pathologist in Manchester returning to Queen’s as a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant in 2004. In 2012, she completed additional training in Molecular Diagnostics, in part at Johns Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently based in the Northern Ireland Molecular Pathology Laboratory delivering Molecular Diagnostics for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Jackie led the development of the Northern Ireland Biobank and has been its Director since 2010. She has published widely and secured over £2.5 million in grant income. Her current research focuses on the biology of squamous cell carcinomas across multiple anatomical sites and the development of new strategies for the molecular classification of upper aero-digestive tract cancers.

Her research is centred on characterizing the immune contexture of cancers, using innovative approaches in molecular digital pathology.

Her work is carried out within a large successful molecular tissue hybridization and digital pathology operation in the QUB Precision Medicine Centre. Dr James uses high quality, pathologically assured tissues to identify and validate novel biomarkers for cancer predication, prognosis and response to therapy.

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