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12th May 2021
Ethics in Imaging: AI Centres of Excellence webinar series

As part of the AI Centres of Excellence Ethics in Imaging webinar series, NPIC will be hosting a webinar on the theme Inclusion and Transparency on Thursday 13th May 2021 from 13:00 “ 14:30.

Dr Bethany Williams will be giving an overview of NPIC™s approach to public inclusion and transparency.

Graham Prestwich will be discussing the value of public inclusion and transparency in data and AI-driven healthcare.

Dr Francis McKay will be talking about thinking practically about inclusions: Citizen™s panels and AI literacy.

The event will close with a live Q&A. If you wish to attend the webinar, please contact Dr Francis McKay for joining instructions.

This webinar is part of a series of informal online seminars to exchange ideas, create debate and look for common themes, challenges and solutions across the five AI centres.

The meetings are aimed at centre staff and themed around practical scenarios.

The aim is to identify common training needs and create basic competency in ethical topics to enable staff to critically review research proposals and discuss participation with the public.

Future seminars
PathLAKE “ Research Ethics Committee Review of AI projects “ what REC members need to know and training needs? “ 15th July 13:00 “ 14:30
iCAIRD “ Topic TBC “ 16th September 13:00 “ 14:30
Kings AI Centre “ Topic TBC “ 18th November 13:00 “ 14:30

Previous seminars
PathLAKE - Where are we now, our experience to date? - 14th January 2021
NCIMI “ What is the value of health data? “ 18th March 2021


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