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8th August 2023
Event: PathLAKE Plus AI Showcase, 20 September 2023

PathLAKE Plus will be launching its national initiative to bring AI into cellular pathology workstreams, at our AI Showcase on 20 September 2023.

This all day event, at University Hospitals Coventry, will feature AI workshops, offering attendees a hands-on interactive experience with AI solutions, along with presentations on AI deployment within laboratory workflows across the country.

Target Audience: NHS pathologists and cellular pathology leads, particularly those looking to adopt AI in the next few years and are seeking insights into how best to approach their deployments.

The AI workshops will offer hands-on experience of AI tools, and activites for attendees including "Challenge the AI" and "Diagnostic Bingo", designed to familiarise users with these technologies and tackle misconceptions about their use. AI solutions for use cases in prostate, breast, PDL-1 lung and LN metastasis (Breast) will be featured in the workshops.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Colin Wilson (Deputy Director Research Infratructure, Office for Life Sciences) as our keynote speaker.

For the full agenda and how to register, visit the Eventbrite page HERE. The Royal College of Pathologists have approved the event for 4 CPD credits. 

Event contact: Dr Andrew White, PathLAKE Plus Project Manager (  



We thank our sponsors for supporting this event.

Gold Sponsors: Paige, Ibex, Uralensis/Aifora
Silver Sponsors: HealthTrust Europe, Aira Matrix, Owkin, Deepmed IO, Proscia



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