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5th October 2021
Out now! PathLAKE Autumn 2021 Newsletter

We're excited to bring you the Autumn 2021 edition of the PathLAKE newsletter. In this issue, we focus on PathLAKE's education and training workstream for digital pathology and AI.

Professor Emad Rakha, PathLAKE's lead for education and training, said:

Our autumn newsletter focuses on the educational component of the PathLAKE project which is led by University of Nottingham. Education is central to the adoption of whole slide images and AI technologies in pathology.

Our online educational platform provides world-class training and support to both the pathology and computer science communities.

PathLAKE Tutor is a online training platform for pathologists and trainees - and it's free to register. Read what the RCPath and our users have to say about the modules on page 3.

You will also find more about our latest publications and recent events (including the PathLAKE Conference "Benchside to Bedside" held in September) and new events coming up.

Don't miss exciting new seminar series starting at the Tissue Image Analytics Centre at Warwick University. Leaders in the area of computational pathology will be presenting their work and will stimulate thought-provoking discussions. On 11th October, Prof Saad Nadeem from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will be speaking on the Mathematical Oncology Initiative.

Throughout the newsletter there are links to more information where you can find out much more about PathLAKE's work.

Download the newsletter here: Pathlake Autumn Newsletter 2021 FINAL



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