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27th May 2022
Out now! PathLAKE Spring 2022 Newsletter

We're delighted to bring you the Spring 2022 edition of the PathLAKE newsletter.  In this issue, we focus on PathLAKE's diagnostic Digital Pathology exemplars.

Prof Manuel Salto-Tellez, Chair of Molecular Pathology said:

œThe diagnostic Digital Pathology exemplars created by each of the PathLAKE NHS and Academic partners involve different areas of pathology and different diagnostic purposes.  Thousands of clinical, digital tissue images with clinical metadata are used to teach, validate and verify these new tools through a close collaboration between computer scientists and pathologists.  All the algorithms are in the late stages of development, meeting all initial targets of PathLAKE, and are now ready to be considered for clinical adoption with industry partners.


Highlights include:

  • The PathLAKE exemplar projects developing AI tools with different purposes and tackling different areas of disease.
  • An interview with Mohsin Bilal about one of the most recent PathLAKE publications: œDevelopment and validation of a weakly supervised deep learning framework to predict the status of molecular pathways and key mutations in colorectal cancer from routine histology images: a retrospective study.
  • Recent events, including an online Breast Pathology Masterclass held in March.
  • Update on the Computational Pathology seminar series hosted by the University of Warwick™s Tissue Image Analytics Centre.  Recordings of the talks are now available on YouTube.


Throughout the newsletter there are links to more information, where you can find out more about PathLAKE's work.

Click PathLAKE Spring 2022 to download the newsletter.


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