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22nd September 2021
PathLAKE Conference Gives Vision Of The Future

Over 160 delegates from around the world joined the online PathLAKE œBench to Bedside: the implementation of digital into routine practice conference to hear leaders in the field share their experience and advice on how digital pathology and AI can be implemented into routine practice.

The event, which took place on 9 September, featured seven keynote presentations covering digital pathology, natural language processing, radiology and regulation of AI in practice. David Snead opened the conference with an explanation of the PathLAKE project and what it aims to achieve. The subsequent talks ranged from natural language processing through to data and ethical considerations.

PathLAKE conference speakers

Dr Patricia Raciti presented a fascinating insight into how Paige Prostate can influence pathologists practice for the benefit of patients. Professor Fergus Gleeson CMO of National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging NCIMI based at Oxford University Hospitals Trust shared his insight into how AI has been implemented into radiology practice and insights into how AI may deliver physiological data from lung CT images in the near future. Brandon Gallas from the FDA illuminated how these tools are viewed by regulators, the importance of data sets and data œtruthing, in approval and ongoing monitoring.

Questions were posed by the audience throughout in a lively Q&A session with all speakers covered a wide range of topics including the use of patient data in research, whether AI will replace pathologists and the environmental impact of the vast digital infrastructure required as we move towards a digital future.

Dr David Snead, Director of PathLAKE, said: œIt has been a privilege to Chair the first PathLAKE conference with such a group of experts. I have learnt so much myself and feedback from the delegates has been overwhelmingly positive.

A key aim of the PathLAKE project is to provide an educational element for both pathologists and computer scientists. Our Digital Pathology Education Tutor is a platform which helps pathologists adapt to a digital diagnostic workflow. Our masterclasses, events and conferences, such as this, offer opportunities to share our learnings with the community.

Videos of the conference presentations and the Q&A session are now available on YouTube. Click on the link below to view:

Download the presentations here, just click on the talk title below:


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