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29th November 2022
PathLAKE™s Education and Training work package achieves all milestones

We are delighted to report that PathLAKE™s work package on Education and Training has achieved all its milestones.

This work package was led by Professor Emad Rakha of University of Nottingham (pictured) and relied upon contributions from all PathLAKE consortium partners to deliver its objectives.

Highlights from the Project Report include:

  • PathLAKE Pathology Education Tutor “ online training modules in Breast, Prostate and PD-L1, accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists
  • PathLAKE Annual Meetings “ culminating in the PathLAKE Showcase Conference on 8 June 2022
  • Workshops, masterclasses and summer school for pathologists and data scientists

The educational activities have reached and engaged a wide audience of both computer scientists and pathologists. All deliverables of the work package have been achieved and surpassed.

In particular, the PathLAKE Pathology Education Tutor has shown the value of using digital pathology for educational purposes. Its versatility and ease of use, and the positive feedback from users, underline the importance of this resource. The Royal College of Pathologists commented that:

These are an excellent attempt to get real world cases online for the benefit of pathologists in training or in transition from glass to digital.

The PathLAKE Pathology Education Tutor is free to access for new users. To register your interest, click here

Our workshops, masterclasses and conferences have brought together key figures in the project, and in the Digital Pathology and AI community, to share their expertise for the benefit of all. The PathLAKE Showcase conference on 8 June 2022 showcased the achievements and impact of PathLAKE, and looked ahead to where we go from here.

For full details of the work PathLAKE has delivered in Education and Training, you can download the Work Package report below:

PathLAKE - WP4 Education Training Report - June 2022


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